The Constitution

By: Vanessa Perez

The Constitution

The Constitution was written in Philadelphia,1787 and it was written with past presidents and judges it was being read over and over until it could be approved. The Constitution was always getting more longer and the more the harder it was to chose which bills could be approved and which were just nonsense to them.

What is The Constitution?

The Constitution is rules for states paying taxes and laws for the Americans. The Constitution was formed with a group of men and they decided specific rules to be in the Constitution and once the constitution was formed it was always getting more and more laws to be made but the people had to vote and the president also had to vote for the bill to truly become a law and then people follow the law.

See I'm just a bill to see how the bill becomes a law it is bellow the Whitehouse picture.

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The Whitehouse

I'm Just a Bill (Schoolhouse Rock!)

Im just a bill

This video shows a bill that goes through everything to become a law.
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Branches of Goverment

This picture shows the Branches of The Government and explains what each of the branches is in the government.