Watershed & Ocean Ecosystems

What Have We Done....


For as long as we can remember we have used the ocean as one of our main resources for human life here on earth. It provides us with food, new forms of life, and transfers heat through out the world. But for the past few decades and generations, we've been destroying it more and more. Here are a few ways we've built and destroyed this wonderful ecosystems.
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Destruction To The Ecosystem

Some of the ways we are messing up the ecosystems badly is:

  • Runoff with deadly chemicals to marine life
  • Overfishing species of fish till extinction
  • Oil Spills in the gulf
  • Polluting the air
  • And damaging kelp and coral reefs

This is very bad because we need the ocean for reasons I've already listed.

We also Benefit??

The answer is that is: yes


  • Create marine sanctuaries
  • Sinks ships purposely to allow new & more species of kelp and reefs
  • Companies such as dawn volunteer to clean up after oil spills
  • We try to find out how to filter are cheap
  • Limit how much pesticides we use and fertilizers

Limiting that limits the problems and benefits the ocean. Hopefully we wont have these problems in the future.

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Why Should We Care??

This is our planet and if we don't do something about it our whole entire planet can go down. With no ocean there is no seafood to sustain smaller civilizations that depend on it, our heat would never transfer correctly ever again, and no more "hanging 10" with out the ocean. We'd be "hanging 10" on oil and dead sea animals... I don't think anyone wants that... I know I don't and neither should our planet.
Great Pacific Garbage Patch - Ocean Pollution Awareness