How to Contact Ms. Sanchez

Student Support Service Provider

Meet your Student Support Service Provider

Hi! I am Ms. Sanchez. I have taught for 21 years in classrooms ranging from Kindergarten thru 8th grade in a variety of settings. I am blessed to be working with our elementary students in Safford Unified School District. I am happy to support students in whatever capacity I am able. The following is an example of ways I interact with students.

Classroom Lessons:

I visit each classroom on each of the elementary campuses several times each quarter. This allows me the opportunity to interact with students during an average 30 minute lesson. Lessons typically focus on social-emotional learning such as mindfulness, understanding emotions of self and others, relationship skills and problem solving skills.

Small Group Support:

Small group support is offered to students who may need extra support in social-emotional skills, as well as ways to cope with various life situations. Group size tends to be 3-6 students.

Individual Support:

I am available to students who require one-on-one support for grief, social, emotional, or academic challenges.

Students and Parents can contact me a few ways. One way is to let their teacher know they would like to talk with me. Another way is to call me at 928-348-6983. I am available by email at, as well.