Professional Learning Network

How Twitter Can Work For You

Tuesday, March 18th, 1pm

2468 Technology Center Dr

Jackson, TN

In the AOT Classroom
Getting started with Twitter (a five minute tutorial)

Why use Twitter?

  • To engage
  • To learn
  • To teach and share
  • To find out the latest news
"I learn more every day on Twitter than from the three major newspapers and ten magazines I used to read." - Joe Waters

#hashtag: used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet








If you think of a great hashtag, let me know! I need to grow my list!

How do you create a network on Twitter?

  • You find people who do what you do
  • You find people who are experts in doing what you do
  • You find organizations that are all about doing what you do
  • You find cool people who are experts in different areas of the field
  • Look at who all these people follow. You can find great folks to follow based on who your folks are following.












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Karen Welch

Instructor of Administrative Office Technology for the Tennessee College of Applied Technology