Park Hill School District

Library News Across the District - 2018-19

Visit a Park Hill School District library and you'll find welcoming spaces that foster a culture of literacy, innovative and creative thinking, collaboration, and technology to take students outside of the library walls. You'll still find print books in the library, but you'll also find audiobooks, eBooks, and plenty of access to digital resources available 24/7. Our library staff is no longer just the gatekeeper of books! Watch our video to get a closer look at our first quarter!

Active Learning In the Library

Evaluating Resources

Congress students recently used the CRAAP test to evaluate resources! CRAAP is an acronym for Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose. To make the lesson even more engaging it was coupled with a Breakout Box, which required students to work collaborative and think critically in order to solve the puzzles and "break out". These activities are used widely in our libraries to help introduce skills, review content, and conclude units.

Research & Bloxels

Southeast students recently concluded their research about animals. They used a Bloxels EDU app to design and create a video game using facts from their research. Hawks were the research topic for these third graders who incorporated snakes as enemies, with power-ups as their prey, and coins are the sticks collected to build a nest. Animal research + gaming = engaged learning!

#AVID Team Huddle

English Landing fourth-graders put their AVID skills to work, with Team Huddle before publishing their green screen book reveals. A great way for students to collaboratively work to provide valuable feedback to their peers as they prepare to share their work.

Graden Engineers

Rosie Revere isn't the only engineer flexing her STEM muscles. Graden students used GoldieBlox construction sets to follow plans in order to build a spring car. Makerspace activities are great ways for students to connect to books such as Andrea Beaty's Rosie Revere, Engineer.

Professional Learning

Your Media Specialists' never stop learning! They develop personal learning networks by attending workshops and conferences, learn about literature from authors, and exchange ideas with others through social media. Many opportunities occur on weekends and outside of normal school hours, but like all educators, we strive to model life-long learning for our students.

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