Freddyś Plate Project

Continental Drift,Seafloor Spreading,Plate Tectonics

Continental Drift

My statement

My statement of Continental Drift is true because Alfred Wegener is right about pang ea because what he thought in his mind that the continents were together at one time and later on they started to separate.He told lots of people and people thought he was crazy or just did not believe in him.Later on he died and people just started to believe him because before there were the same freshwater fossils found in the same area and later on there are really far away from each other.

Seafloor Spreading

My Statement

My Statement of Seafloor Spreading is that Seafloor occurs in mid-ocean ridges where the new oceanic crust is formed.It expands the two plates from ocean floor.When the plates move apart it causes rocks to break.That is why we have volcano's.Magma rises through the cracks and onto the ocean floor.

Plate Tectonics

My Statement

My Statement of Plate Tectonics is that it means a large scale of motions on the earth.The purpose of the movement is because the continents spread out.The plates move cause of the heat that is around the earth.If then plates move it can cause a volcano,hurricane,floods,and other type of storm or destruction.Plate Tectonics is processed by the Earths outer most layer.