Devils River Minnow

Endangered: Texas


The Devils River minnow has been endangered since March 20, 1999. The life expectancy of the fish has not been studied, but based on other similar minnows, it can be estimated at one to two years. It's maximum size is 64 mm (2.52 in) TL (Page and Burr 1991).

Threats and causes to endangerment

The primary threats to the species include habitat loss and degradation (water quantity and quality) and impacts from non-native species. In areas such as West Texas,when the spring flows are under significant threat of failure when groundwater leves decline.

Possible Course of Action

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s final recovery plan for the minnow, approved in 2005, relies exclusively on voluntary measures for the species’ protection and is insufficient to prevent the fish's extinction, much less promote its recovery.Area landowners can help by protecting the groundwater of the Edwards-Trinity Aquifer.Shortly after the minnow's recovery plan was approved, the Center, Forest Guardians, and Save Our Springs Alliance filed a lawsuit against the Service to challenge the minnow's lack of designated critical habitat. Also the fact that it has been granted only threatened instead of an endangered status. We continue to work for river protection to save the habitat of the

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