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5ive for Friday

1. Who is inspiring me: Seneca...again. Letter 22: "Be present in the body and watchful in the body...and when the opportunity arises, grab it."

If Seneca were alive today he would be huge on Twitter. This guy was the Tony Robbins of his day.

2. The Bustamantes! Gina and Alyssa take us into their world. They have a lot to share about working together as a mother and daughter, athletics, goals, inspirations, and the significance of their faith in their life.

This is a fun one! They have a deep love, respect and appreciation for each other. This is a funny, emotional, touching, personal interview and the first time I've had anyone tear up during my questions for the impact they had on me personally. Pretty cool. It is a little longer, so put on some coffee and enjoy!

Gina and Alyssa:

-What we would be surprised to learn about them

-How Gina learned to develop GRIT in Brownsville, Texas

-Alyssa and the concussion that changed her behavior

-Elle Woods

-Hot Pink Hair extensions and a 4.0?

-New Mexico

-Was school easy?

-Who inspires them?

-Mr. Bustamante

-Why teach?

-Which one was nearly a dentist?

-Why and how did you end up working together and who came up with that idea?

-Who is the mentor?

-Books they gift

-Great teaching stories

-When they were last humbled

-What would you tell your 20 year old self

-What they believe that most don't

-The role of fitness and the Mother's Day Half Gift and the ongoing family competition

-The role of faith

-What they would tell everyone


Next week we learn about Donna Hickman!

3. Shoutout: Gaya Kumar, Loryn Tobey for all of their help presenting to the school board meeting on Monday. Donna Hickman for her new role as Hosp Social Media Director and sitting in front of the TV camera's again for an interview with Frisco ISD TV. #FunFact: Donna is becoming a pro at all media requests!

Donna's interview should be up in the coming weeks at this link: https://www.youtube.com/user/FriscoISDTV

4. Dropping in the standings: I've given a couple of updates and this Friday is event 5 of 5 in the Crossfit Open. While I started out strong my age has caught up with me. I am now in 7,480th place overall in the world and 960th place for the master's division in the south. What does that mean? It means I'm trying. Not succeeding but trying.

5. Quote to consider: "Stop worrying about what you fell like doing (and what the world owes you) and instead, start creating something meaningful and then give it to the world." - Seth Godin

Why is FISD so amazing!

Read these stats! (Remember this just this winter)

-8 Perfect ACT/SAT scores

-Swimming- we had a FISD athlete participating in every state event

-Wrestling had the most state participants

-Liberty Girls Basketball was runner up

-Fine Arts had 60 students make all-state, 60

-Coach K- Texas State Athletic Director of the Year

-Frisco HS Girls swimming state champions

-Monica Jackson, Finalist for Texas Principal of the Year

-Ashley Miller, Sem (new principal of Miller) Assistant Principal of the Year

Other Notes

-Our ACT?SAT scores are well above state and national average

-ESPN will broadcast the Lone Star High vs. Heritage High football game played at The Star

-Convocation will be held at The Star

The Star

Yes, I am trying to get our seats for convocation in a luxury box. At least mine.

Oh and we will take our staff picture in front prior to convocation starting. (I'm sure I'm the only person who will think of that...)

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