The First Wolf

A story about how the first wolf came to be.


Once upon a time in a far off land there was a forest. In that forest among all the creatures that lived in it there was one fox her name was Ruby. Ruby had just had one kit her name was Sofia. Now a few weeks later Sofia got terrible sick no one thought she would survive. So they took her to the great old owl, who was very wise. He said that he could save her , but she would have to drink a powder. Unfortunately the powder had a horrible cost it would take the color of her beautiful coat. Ruby was very upset but took the powder to Sofia any way. Then the next day Sofia's color was gone.

Months past and Sofia grew and grew. Now the entire forest knew Sofia as the kindest and the strongest of them all. One night while Sofia was taking a walk she heard a mouse scream for help. She ran to his rescue and saw Slitherian snake just about to swallow the mouse when Sofia pounced. She fought the snake the whole night until he was dead. The entire forest was grateful , and they decided that Sofia was the guardian of the night. In fact they were so happy that they named Sofia a wolf not a fox. As a gift from the great old owl Sofia's eyes turned from caramel to shining blue like the night sky. Now you might still be able to hear the howls of Sofia and her pack at night guarding us all.
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