Summer Olympics 100m Freestyle

Liana Karkabi


Swimming has featured on the program of all editions of the Olympic games since 1986. The very first Olympic events were freestyle. Swimming is one of the most watched summer Olympic sports and is also one of the oldest events. The fastest swimmer wins the medal. Only two swimmers per country, per individual event, are allowed to compete in any individual event. May the fastest win! "Just keep swimming"


In the Olympics Men and Women don't compete against each other in swimming events. While for now men have a faster time than women, but we wonder when women will reach the same time as men in the 100m freestyle race. To figure this out we will view the results of men and women 100m freestyle from the past and find the results of when the meet.

The Goal of The Study

By using linear regression and methods of solving a system of equations, we will determine if and when women’s performance is likely to surpass men’s performance for a certain event. We will use data from the past and find the trend line of each gender and we will see if men will remain faster than women in 100m freestyle.

The Scatter Plot

The Colored dots represent the men and the blue x's represent the Women.
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Linear Regression (Line of Best Fit)

Each line represents the trend of male and female Olympic Gold Medalist 100m Freestyle times. The Blue line represents the men and the Red line represents the women.
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When They Cross

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According to the trend line, this intersection shows the year that both the man and the woman Olympic Gold Medalist will share the same 100m freestyle time. Basically meaning that if men and women keep the same rate as the trend line, then near the end of year 2093 (2093.735578) women will have finally reached the same time (33.735 seconds) as men in 100m freestyle. Years after 2093 women will surpass men's performance in 100m freestyle. In conclusion, women are decreasing their 100m freestyle time at a faster rate than men.

Women's Line (Red)

Men's Line (Blue)

Sweet Finish

The X Coordinate

The X coordinate shows the year that the women and men will have the same exact 100m freestyle time. Year 2093.735578

The Y Coordinate

The Y coordinate shows the exact 100m freestyle time that the women and men will share. Time 33.73482253 seconds.

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