The thundermans

Kira Kosarin, Jack Griffo,Adisson Riecke,Deigo Velazquez

this show is awesome kira plays phoebe jack plays max Addison plays Nora and Diego plays Billy. phoebes twin is max they have freeze breath and heat breath they also have like a magnetic hand thing. Nora has laser eyes and Billy has super speed. They get along so well together on set well kind off cause phoebe and max both get along and bitter but cuter. Billy and Nora are up to mischief and well phoebe and max are no less. pictures below please check :)

kira and jack

texting on set

is gf awwwww

kira jack Addison. sorry I couldn't upload the pictures below but just go to Google images and type in jack and Ryan or jack and kira last names too if you wish.

Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo Replay
hope u liked :) :) :) by the way jack is dating Ryan Newman from see dad run on nick awesome show by the way the first video is my fav!!!! u have to watch it the 2 very bottom videos are the real episodes. the last video is where kira does some ballet and jack does cool moes
Kira Kosarin vine He's like a six yr old sometimes
Kira Kosarin vine jams on the way to work
kira kosarin vine kira n Rosa and Chris inspired
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