2nd Grade News

Here is what is going on this week!

We are learning...


  • Counting coins. Please make sure to work with your student at home to learn how to count money.


  • We will be learning more about prefixes and suffixes this week. We will also continue our unit on marine animals.


  1. hand
  2. box
  3. photo
  4. clock
  5. football
  6. glass
  7. pitch
  8. piano
  9. radio
  10. potato
  11. rabbit
  12. wish
  13. lamp
  14. chair
  15. flower
  16. bone
  17. horse
  18. lunch
  19. phone
  20. dish

Important Dates

Character Word for the month of February


Being the kind of person whom other people can have confidence in.

Donut Sales!

Don't forget that the donut sales are going on! The student's who sale the most will get to go to the movies with Mrs. Kilby and Mrs. Hamilton!