PK3.3 Newsletter

5th - 9th October

What a wonderful week we had in PK3.3! Take a look below to see some of the interesting and fun activities we have been up to.

Happy 4th Birthday Omar!

This week Omar turned 4! In the morning we pretended to be candles for him to blow out and later he blew out candles for real on a yummy birthday cake Mom brought to share with us! Happy Birthday Omar!

Do all balls float?

Our children have such inquisitive minds. This week we experimented with buoyancy using different balls in the water table to find out if all balls float.

The children played with different types and weights of balls, pouring water on them to find out what would happen. We discovered that it made the ball spin. Some had holes in them and sank when the water filled them and they became heavy. The children really enjoyed watching the water "shower" from these balls as they emptied them.


Children are fascinated by ramps. In our block centre this week the children have been creating wonderful ramps of varying heights. We asked them “down which ramp do you think this ball will roll down fastest? Farthest? Slowest?”

Building ramps gives children the fun of racing balls and cars, but also teaches important skills such as cooperation, teamwork and problem solving. There are many things to be learnt from building ramps such as speed and velocity . The children have been discussing the many ways they can improve their ramps and how to make them more sturdy. Great team work PK3!

More Measuring

The children really enjoyed measuring their heads last week so this week we set up a measuring table with different sized balls. They concentrated very hard, measuring the balls with yarn, cutting and then comparing which was bigger and smaller.

Making shapes!

We continued to build our knowledge of three-dimensional shapes this week. Last week we talked about the difference between round and sphere; this week we have been identifying squares and cubes. The children have been making their own three-dimensional shapes using our straw builders and they have come up with some pretty amazing shapes.

Stamping shapes

We used fun shape sponges to make awesome paintings in our Art centre. Triangles, stars, hearts, diamonds and ovals and lots of bright colors. Check out our great stamping.

Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.......

Story time this week focused on the classic tale of "The Three Little Pigs". It was a great way to introduce the words "Force" , "Blow" and "Energy" as we huffed and puffed our way through the pages. Today the children role played the story, acting out the parts of the pigs and the wolf. They made connections with the story and remembered the sequence of houses the wolf went to blow down.

Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf

We can find our letters!

Environmental Print is the print we see in our everyday life: The symbols, signs, numbers, and colors found in Riba Smith, Multi Plaza, Cinepolis, Papa Johns, Bon Lac for example. They offer a great opportunity for young children to begin to identify letters and understand that text has a meaning. Children really connect to everyday print. They "read" it as part of their everyday life.

This week we had lots of fun making our own environmental print books using print from different packaging, menus and magazines. During circle time we identified our name letters from our books! Our books are in our library, just like real books, so we can share them with everyone.


Parent Teacher Conferences: October 14th and 15th

Conferences have been set and I very much look forward to seeing you all again and discussing how your child is settling into PK3.

On Monday we will sending an electronic copy of your child's progress report. Please take some time to read through it and if you have any specific questions or concerns you can email me ahead of your conference time.

FANLYC : “Relay For Life” on October 17th – 18th

Please remember that next weekend you will get the opportunity to walk/run laps for a great cause: FANLYC and our very own sponsored child Alvaro Gomez! If you want to participate in this “Relay For Life” on October 17th – 18th , laps need to be prepaid before October 14th . To do so you need to send the amount ($5 a lap) in a sealed envelope to your child’s homeroom teacher. Let’s all be SUPER HEROES for. Alvaro!

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UN Day - Wednesday 21st October

On Wednesday 21st October, we will celebrate UN Day here at school. That day students need to come in colors or costumes representing your family’s countries.

Each classroom will be representing a culturally rich country. Our country is MEXICO.

We would really like to decorate our classrooms to reflect the country we are representing and we would appreciate your help to make it a successful day. Please coordinate with the rest of our parents to see if you can help us with props.

That day we will also celebrate our diversity with a Cultural Food Potluck at 11:00. You may bring typical food or beverages from your countries.

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Yearbook photos - 23rd October

PK3.3 will have their yearbook photos taken between 7:35-8:15am. Children should be wearing their PE uniform that day, Thank you .