Dred Scott

Who Was He?

Who Was Dred Scott?

Dred Scott was a slave who unsuccessfuly sued for his freedom. He was born into slavery in 1799. He failed to buy himself out of slavery, and then took his case into court.

Dred Scott court case

In the court case, they argued that although he was free, no African American, slave or free could be considered an American Citizen.

The Ruling

After the case was made, the people finally made there ruling. They decided that he could not become an American citizen. They also said that any African American, slave or free, could not become citizens of the United States.

The Effects

After word spread about the ruling of the case, it had many effects on people. Abolitionist became furious, because that means if they freed any slaves, they wouldn't be American citizens. It angered slaves as well, because that meant they couldn't become citizens. And slave holders were happy, because that meant there slaves, even if they escaped count become citizens