Nazi Germnany

Basic Background

Nazi Germany or the Third Reich was a time in Germany from 1933 to 1945, where it was under a dictatorship under the rule of Adolf Hitler. Under Hitlers' rule, he transformed Germany into a fascist state and controlled every aspect of Germany. Racism was a central feature of his regime. Hitler believed in a perfect race, blue eyes, blonde hair, and German.


Films played a major part in propaganda in Nazi Germany. The film industry was controlled by the Nazis and ranged from anti-Semitic films such as “The Eternal Jew”, to propaganda films to ‘enlighten’ youths about the Hitler Youth movement.Hitler knew that films were going to be an important part of the propaganda machine.


Nazi Germany was without a doubt one of the darkest periods of time in the history of the world. Husbands, wives, and children were murdered just because of how they looked and what religion they practiced. As we look back on it today, everyone has felt hatred towards Nazi's and what they did to all the people they killed. It was one of the worst times in history. The whole world's perspective changed toward Nazi Germany. They felt hate and anger towards them.

Cultural Criticism

Examining this period of time in history, it was awful. So much war, fighting, and killing. It's way too much to even look back at and try to say something good about it. Everyone who was a part of Nazi Germany doesn't deserve to live because of what they did. they are just awful people. How can someone just try to kill off a whole race of people? In their eyes it was perfect and a good plan. But from the rest of the world's perspective, it was terrible.

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