Week in Preview - Way to Show GRIT!

Weekly Events

Monday 12/8 - Biology/US History EOC Make Up (RM 119-120)

6:00PM – Boys Soccer @ LOLHS

6:00PM – Girls Soccer vs. LOLHS

6:00PM –Girls BB vs. JWMHS

Tuesday 12/9 - Biology/US History EOC Make Up (RM 119-120)

9:00AM – Spanish Club Cultural Festival, media center

3:00PM – Student Centered Learning Module 5, room 106

5:30PM – Parent University Spaghetti Dinner, cafeteria

6:00PM – Parent University, iPad Night, AVID Night

6:00PM – AP Coffeehouse/Study Session, media center

6:00PM – Boys BB @ JWMHS

Wednesday 12/10 – Unity Day, gym (lists will be sent out on Monday)

7:40AM – RAM U Meeting, room 106

7:40AM – Learning Work Group, room 222

6:00PM – Girls BB @ PHS

6:00PM – Girls Soccer vs. RRHS

7:30PM – Boys Soccer @ RRHS

Thursday 12/11 – Special Olympics BB Tournament, gym

3:00PM – Student Centered Learning Module 6, room 106

6:00PM – Swimming Banquet, room 106

Friday 12/12

7:40AM – Safety and Pride Work Groups

9:30AM – Guest Speaker (2015 & 2016), gym - Released by announcement, no backpacks.

10:30AM – Guest Speaker (2017 & 2018), gym - Released by announcement, no backpacks.

6:00PM – Boys Soccer @ WCHS

6:00PM – Girls Soccer @ ZHS

6:00PM - Girls BB vs. the Villages

7:00PM – Boys BB @ the Villages

Saturday 12/13

9:00AM – Saturday School, EBD 1

Professional Development Update - Badges will be distributed on 12/15 @ the Collaboration Session!

PD: Learning - Canvas Support from Peers

In an effort to provide you with more time, we have decided to cancel the Faculty Collaboration Session for this week. We would encourage you to continue to integrate one of the specific elements of Canvas from the 11/7 session in your instruction. The coaches and several other staff members have volunteered their time to provide individualized Canvas help. Please use the link below to reserve a time if you would like, these people would like to help you in your journey to Canvas proficiency.


Rams Badge Challenge - Badges will be distributed at 12/15 Collaboration Session

We will continue with the same badges for quarter 2 with the addition of the Learning: Philosophical Chairs badge. Remember that you will earn classroom bucks for earning badges as well as this is a great opportunity to connect to Domains 1, 2, 3, 4.


You will receive an update as to a progress check for each individual on the path to earning a SAFETY, LEARNING, and PRIDE badge this week. Here are the links for reflection:

Positive Energy - Glass Half Full (Teachers fill these out to recognize other staff members quarterly) The PRIDE workgroup will select recipients from the nominations.


R-Notes (Teachers fill these out for their own reflection - 5 times in a quarter)


Learning Goals and Scales (Teachers fill these out for their own reflection - need coaches to come in 3 times)


NEW for Quarter 2: Philosophical Chairs (Teachers fill these out for their own reflection - 3 times in a quarter)


Kudos: Learning, Safety, Pride

Ed McComiskey recognizes the following people for Learning and Pride: Angie Murphy, Leslie Hibbs and Kristen Martanovic, “Thanks for your help with the AP report.”

Alicia Leary recognizes the following people for Learning: Kim Thurer, Tom Schrider, Peter Hibbs, Denise Williams, Kristen Martanovic, Leslie Hibbs, Jen Spicer, Carmen Soto, Jodi Casale, Ms. Pardo, Chad Krupyak, Ed McComiskey, Tom Moscher, Hannigan, “Thank you for completing the midterm predictions activity.”

Vanessa Moon is recognized for Learning by Leslie Hibbs, “Fabulous predictive document!”

Joe Kelly is recognized by Claudia Bender for Pride, “For keeping our PLC on track and sharing his resources."

Fatima Stark recognizes the following people for Learning : Green, Mendenhall, Delgardo, Adair, Smith, Ortiz, Cooper, Pioszak, Graziano, Rowland, Cozzens, Nelson, Emperator, Greco, Anders and Clukey-Chenard, “Thank you for all of your help proctoring the EOC re-takes, it is very much appreciated.”

Peter Hibbs is recognized by Leary for Learning, “Peter created a scale that responded to student need for chunking reading assignments for AP!! Awesome!”

Leslie Hibbs is recognized by Claudia Bender for Learning and Pride, “Sharing her wealth of knowledge, resources and skill!!”

Donna Leonard & Diane Boise is recognized by Angie Murphy for Pride, "Thank you for creating the holiday baskets for our staff - they were fantastic!"

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Semester & District EOC Schedule 12/16-12/19

Please post for your students this week.

1st Period: 8:30 – 9:06

2nd Period (EXAM): 9:10 – 10:40

3rd Period: 10:44 – 11:15

4A Lunch: 11:15 – 11:55

4A Class: 11:59 – 12:41

4B Class: 11:19 – 12:01

4B Lunch: 12:01 – 12:41

5th Period (EXAM): 12:45 – 2:15

6th Period: 2:19 – 2:55


12/16: 1/2/3/4/5/6 (Exams is 2 and 5)

12/17: 2/1/3/4/6/5 (Exams in 1 and 6)

12/18: 1/3/2/5/4/6 (Exams in 3 and 4)

12/19: Exam Make Up