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Blind boy rescued from uncharted island

The Cay

Willemstad update.... A 12 year old blind boy found on an uncharted island called
" The Devils Mouth." Blind boy taken to the hospital for operation to fix his blindness. We are interviewing him now to get the whole story of what happened on the cay.

Interview with Phillip

WT- So Phillip, How did you find the cay?
Phillip- Well, my mother and I were heading to Nortfolk when our ship was torpedoed by the Germans and I ended up on the raft.
WT- Yes, and was there anyone else on the raft with you?
Phillip- yes there was a tall black man named timothy and a cat named stew cat.
WT- So where is timothy now?
Phillip- I'm sorry but Timothy passed away on the cay that's why I was alone.
WT- We are so sorry for your loss of a dear friend.
Phillip- Thank you.
WT- Now how did you become blind?
Phillip- Well, when I was trying to reach for my mother on the sunken boat, something hit my head and messed up my sight.
WT- Yes, and were there any obstacles you had to face on the raft and the cay?
Phillip- Well of course there were a few sharks on the raft and the worst part is I fell over board into the shark infested waters. And there was also the terrible hurricane on the cay.
WT-And why would your mother want to leave Nortfolk which got you in this situation?
Phillip- My mother never wanted to be in Curacao and she was tired of the war.
WT- How would you describe timothy?
Phillip- Well, he was a black man and he was very old but he was strong and caring and I would never have made it without him.
WT- And lastly, what did this all teach you?
Phillip- it taught me teamwork and friendship and to never judge by the surface.
WT- Well thank you Phillip. It was nice to hear from you
Phillip- And thank you to you WT.

In Honor of Timothy

Timothy was a wise old man that lived a happy, joyful life. Timothy of Charlotte Amalie died on a abandoned cay out in the devils mouth. We all miss that wise old man. A man who was born and raised in Charlotte Amalie by a woman named Hannah Gumbs. He was a bot that worked at the fishing boats as a 10 year old boy. The only day he looked forward to was that wonderful carnival in Charlotte Amalie where he would dress up and dance and prance around all day. We Honor Timothy's death to this day.
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News Update on World War 2

In August 1942, U.S. troops land on Guadalcanal and Tulagi and seized control of Japanese-occupied territory for the first time. As many of 400,000 Jews were murdered in this month. And Nazi German operatives mark the ground near longs island. And thats our News update on World War 2.
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Weather Today :)

Now for your local Curacao weather report. Tuesday and Wednesday should be slight chance of precipitation. But the days leading on should sunny and cloudy. Then next Tuesday it should be a chance of storms. And that's your local Curacao weather report.
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Local Willemstad events

Events coming up in Curacao is the carnival in Charlotte Amalie so get your frangipani leaves and head there Friday. And Sunday will be the funeral of Timothy that died recently so friends and family are welcome. The war is still going on in Willemstad so careful and good luck. And those are the upcoming events in Willemstad.
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