Come Visit the Canal

By: Miss Laura

Erie Canal

Did you know that the Erie Canal connects our hometown of Buffalo, NY to Albany, NY? It was started in 1817 and was dug by workers with shovels! The Erie Canal made travel much easier and faster. It was first nicknamed "Clinton's Ditch" after the governor, DeWitt Clinton.

Today you can bike or walk along the beautiful canal, or even take a boat ride through the locks. It's a historic attraction that can be a fun trip to visit!

What Can You Do When You Visit?

Whether it's a day trip, a weekend, or longer, the Canal has a lot to offer.

  • Take a boat ride
  • Ride your bike along the canal
  • Visit historic cities that surround the canal
  • Ride down the locks
  • Visit the Erie Canal Museum
Low Bridge - The Erie Canal song