Act 2 Scene 5

Raylene Semidei


In Act 2 Scene 5, the nurse returns from visiting Romeo while Juliet stood home pacing back and forth at the window eager to know about all the information the Nurse received. When the nurse returned back home Juliet wanted to know what happened or what Romeo said, but every time she asked the nurse would change the subject. The nurse also tells Juliet that Romeo is an okay boy he is not the best but he is okay. Towards the end of their conversation the nurse agrees to bring a rope ladder for Romeo and Juliet to use when they are ready to have sex.
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Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean? (Lyric Video)

What Do You Mean?

The Song What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber fits this scene due to the conversation between Juliet and the Nurse because Juliet is concerned and desperately wants to know the message that was sent by Romeo, but the nurse will not tell her. Every time Juliet asks the nurse starts to tell what he said but doesn't finish it. Juliet is very confused on what is happening and really wants to know why the nurse won't tell her or give her hints.