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Your hire a lawyer who files a complain with the proper court.

**The court then sends a summons.

A document telling the defendant of the suit against her and orders her to appear in court on a certain day.

Step 2: Defendant may respond to the charges by having my own attorney "answer" to the complaint.

**Pleadings- the complaint and the answer together.

*The lawyers on both sides gather evidence to help their case.

Step 3: Pre-trail discussions: judge might have both parties in a meeting to help clarify differences and prepare for the trail.

**Your case is really strong and I then just offer you a Settlement!

Step 4: Trail!

**If the parties do not settle, this case goes to trail.

**Jury of 6-12 people OR a judge might hear the case ALONE.

a. The plaintiff presents its side 1st then the defendant, Ms. Tylea

b. Both sides then summarize their cases.

c. After all this, judge or jury decides the case.

Step 5: VERDICT- decision.

**Either I have to pay or I win and plaintiff(you) get NADA and you have to pay cout costs!

Step 6: APPEAL