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Week of November 6, 2020

Safety at Avoca West

The bulk of communication from Avoca West this year has been around health and safety protocols to keep our students and staff learning at school with their peers. Thank you for all of your help in reinforcing the protocols with your child(ren) -- it takes us all to share the same message.

This week we've had an opportunity to focus on some of the more traditional safety measures found in a typical school year -- emergency drills! The added challenge of any of our drills this year is to not intrude on the teaching and learning of those students who are at home learning remotely, so things look a bit different than our typical "all school" drills.

On Thursday, our students on site participated in a lockdown drill with the support of our school resource officer, Officer Detloff from the Glenview Police Department. In order to keep our students still safely socially distant, our teachers reinforced locking doors, covering windows, and staying quiet and ready to hear next directions. Our students and staff did a fantastic job! We followed the drill with a video (see below) recapping the important points and when we might need to stay inside and safe. If your student is a Group B student, we will do our best to practice another drill in the future, but all are encouraged to watch the video below.

Friday was affectionally named "Fire Drill Friday" this week. The most important take away from each and every fire drill is to evacuate at the nearest door quickly, quietly, and to meet at the grade level/teacher meet up spot to listen for directions as teachers take attendance to be sure all students are accounted for. In order to avoid the highly disruptive fire alarm sound for those learning at home, we also reinvented fire drills overall. Our teachers showed a common message/slideshow to students to remind them of the protocol and then played the LOUD video to show what our fire alarm at Avoca West sounds like and "looks" like. Each grade level completed the drill at a time that was conducive to their schedule, also allowing for less traffic in the hallways in a time where we know that's important. We will repeat the drill for our Group A students at another date.

As I shared with our students during both drills, we know that the likelihood of these emergencies actually happening is super small, but we practice nonetheless so that we are prepared in case they do.

Lockdown Drill Follow Up

Veterans in Our Lives -- Pics, Please!

An email was sent out yesterday (Thursday) with a plea to our AW community and staff for pictures of veterans in your lives. We usually are fortunate to open our doors to neighbors and family members alike, but cannot this year. I am hoping to build a movie tribute to the veterans in our lives and share out with all. Thanks for your help in making this a special, memorable day.

Please email pictures to Mrs. Hutchison (hutchisonj@avoca37.org) and include the Veteran's Name, Your Name, and how you know one another.


Stay Tuned -- "Amplify Avoca" Coming Soon!

Ms. Michael has been working with some of our AW students to put together a weekly video for our students and staff to watch on Mondays. For students...BY students! I'll be adding them to Google Classroom and Seesaw accounts for our students and sharing out via our school Facebook page as well. SO proud of this reinvented way to amplify student voices!

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