Noah Harrison

History of Badminton

Badminton originated from ancient civilizations in Europe and India. The game was originally called battledore and shuttlecock. The game probably was invented 2000 years ago. In the 1600's battledore and shuttlecock was a game for the upper class people. It was originally played with two people hitting the shuttlecock back and fourth with a bat as long as they could with out it hitting the ground.

Rules of Badminton

To start out a game of badminton, one player goes on the right side of the court and underhand serves diagonally. If the shuttlecock either doesn't go over the net, isn't served cross court, goes out of bounds, or lands in the kitchen it is a serving error. Since it was the fist serve of the game the other team gets to serve; but after them each team get two faults (one per person). Faults are when you serve and it is an error or you hit the ball out of bounds or if you hit the shuttlecock in the kitchen over hand. A let is basically when you have to pause the game.

Different Types of Shots

The different types of shots are done using either over or under hand hits. To serve you have to use the under hand serve or the backhand serve. When the shuttlecock gets hit into the kitchen you have to use and underhand hit, usually a tip-over kind of thing. When the ball is hit deep in the back of the court it is called an over head clear, you can use both underhand and overhand to do this shot. The last commonly used shot (good one to score with) is called the smash. You hit the shuttle cock as hard as you can directly at your opponent.