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Important Dates:

Monday January 20th- Student Holiday

Tuesday Jan. 21- Jan. 30- Online STAAR Interim Benchmarks

* Please do not schedule appointments on these days- our students need to be present for our benchmark tests. Thank You!

Wednesday January 29th- 100th day of school! Dress like you are 100 years old, or represent the number 100.

Friday January 31- GT field trip

Monday February 3rd- Counselor's Day

Wednesday February 5th- Read Aloud day!

Wednesday, January 29th-

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Staff and students are encouraged to dress like you are 100 years old, OR represent the number 100.

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Please plan to join us for our 1st STEAM night!!

February 10: 4-6 pm

  • Science projects will be displayed- Top Ten Winners Awarded
  • Photo Booth fun
  • Stations and activities to enjoy
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Learn with IXL at home!

Please have your child practice problems under the Diagnostic tab for a minimum of 10 minutes a week.

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We’re using IXL to support our curriculum this year, and your child has access to this online program at home. With thousands of skills that match what we’re learning, as well as insights into student progress, IXL is a great resource to help your child excel.


1) Practice

Encourage your child to work on the diagnostics 10 minutes every night.

2) Explore personalized skill suggestions

Encourage your child to visit their Recommendations wall for helpful review or new challenges—it’s full of skills picked just for them!

3) Stay in the loop

Sign in to your child’s account and click on Analytics to see what they’ve been working on and take a peek at their progress. Celebrate your child’s accomplishments Want to receive certificates whenever your child reaches a milestone? Sign in, click on their profile icon, and enter your e-mail address under “Profile & settings”.

What we are learning about in 4th Grade....

What we are learning about in 5th Grade....

?! Riddle of the Week ?!

Remember to Repeat

  • Most memories disappear within minutes, but those that survive the fragile period strengthen with time.

  • Long term memories are formed in a two- way conversation between the hippo campus and the cortex, until the hippo campus breaks the connection and the memory is fixed in the cortex- which can take years.

  • Our brains give us only an approximate view of reality, because they mix knowledge with past memories and store them together as one.

  • The way to make long term memory more reliable is to incorporate new information gradually and repeat it in timed intervals.

Brain Rules by John Medina

Let's see who is reading the newsletter....

Reply to the riddle of the week with the correct answer to receive a prize from Mrs. Floyd.

Please send an email response to the riddle of the week- the first 4 responses will win.

Riddle of the week...

What is the best way to remember what we learn?

Campus Wide Expectations- Buff a Laws

Please click the link (button) above to see the explanation of our campus expectations. We use tickets to reward positive behavior of students. Students may use their tickets to purchase items and attend a reward activity every 6 weeks.

Character Counts!! #BuffPride

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Braveheart of the Week #Superhero #ThePowerofOne

Mrs. Hibbeler amazes me daily with being a problem solver.
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Braveheart Award for this week goes to..... Mrs. Hibbeler

Thank you Mrs. Hibbeler for everything that you do.

I appreciate Mrs. Hibbeler for being a superhero problem solver. Her attention to detail, student's needs, following up and creating an environment where students are learning and improving is impressive. She is in tune with her students and recognizes if they are having a bad day, then she thinks ahead and prepares how she can help. She is organized and always cheerful. She is a joy to work with and a great team player.

Bravely leading students to see their WONDER.

Thank you Ms. Hibbeler - we appreciate you! (5th grade Math Teacher)

#ThePowerofOne #KnowyourWHY

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