the gift that keeps on giving...


Now is the time to give it a shot.....

The numbers do not lie... this is the best time EVER to give us a shot!

Let me break it down for you...

  • $199 to get started (this includes your business in a box, and $450 in product credit)
  • 2 trunk shows in your first 30 days and stella&dot will reward you with another $300 in product credit
  • $2000 in sales before December 31st will earn you ANOTHER $350 in free product credit (sell more and get more... these are the minimum)

SO... just in time for the Holidays you have earned a minimum of $1100

in product for $199 sign up fee,

which by the way, is all paid off my your second show!!!

******We are looking for stylists

in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France and Puerto Rico******

International expansion is underway and you what an amazing opportunity!

Stylist Success Stories | Stella & Dot

and we are not done....

you can earn these fun prizes along the way

Let's chat! No obligation... I would love to share my story with you and help you decide if stella & dot would be a good fit in your life.

a look back and forward...

Looking Back at 2012 & What The Future Holds | Stella & Dot


If while reading this you had someone pop in your mind that would LOVE this opportunity or even might just want to hear more, please pass along my information or theirs! You will get a sparkly thank you from me!

as we say... "when opportunity knocks, let your girlfriends in"

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