Our Final Week

4 More Days of Elementary School

A Note from Mr. Nakano

This is just a quick update to remind you of our events this final week as we promote our sixth graders to middle school!

Monday - Lunch Provided - Regular Day

As a way to thank our 6th graders for leading Field Day tomorrow, they are having their own Field Day in the Toga Olympics. Each student is part of the "Nakano Nation" in one of the following events:

1) Tog-A-War

2) Ridiculous Relay

3) Heads Up

4) Daring Discus

5) Chariot Race

6) Meatball Toss

6th Grade vs. Staff Kickball

Monday, June 15th, 11:15am-12:15pm

Meadowood Park, Irvine, CA, United States

Irvine, CA

The students will be teaming with Miss Rolllins and Mrs. Hunter's classes to take on some of their former teachers and other staff members at Canyon View.

To celebrate their achievements, a hot dog lunch will be provided after the game.

All parents are welcome to cheer on in this event. We will be on the baseball field closest to the recess field.

Tuesday - Lunch Provided - Minimum Day

Field Day

The students are leading the Field Day games for the rest of the school. They should wear their "15" shirt, unless they have come up with a uniform pre-approved by me that they entire group is wearing.

Students should also come prepared to field day with a hat, water bottle, and optional whistle and watch.

After some yearbook signing time, the students will be provided with a pizza lunch before an early dismissal.

Wednesday - Lunch NOT Provided - Minimum Day

Wednesday will be spent completing some wrap up activities and practicing for the promotion ceremony the following day.

6th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Thursday, June 18th, 11am

12025 Yale Court

Irvine, CA

Our promotion program starts at 11:00 a.m. If you're looking for a good spot, you're encouraged to arrive early. On Wednesday, your child will be able to tell you the side of the stage that they will be sitting on to help guide where you would like to be in the audience.

Our school dress code is still in effect during the ceremony. While we don't require them to dress a certain way, most boys will wear a collared shirt and long pants, while the girls will wear a dress. Please don't feel a need to buy anything special for this event (although some of your children may disagree :) ).

We are usually done in under an hour and you are welcome to sign your child out early for the day. Please sign them out, as they will be leaving before the school day ends. I will have sign out sheets on a table with me in front of the school as you depart.

We encourage the students not to bring anything. We will provide them with any school supplies needed in the morning.