Hernando Cortes

The conqeurer of lands

Origins of the Great Explorer

Hernando was born in Spain on the year of about 1485. When he was 14 he was sent to one of the best universities in Spain. That is where he studied to be a lawyer which had been his lifelong dream until he heard of Christopher Columbus which inspired him to sail to the West Indies to become rich and conquer new lands.

Raiding the Aztec Empire

At 18 years old Hernando Cortes set off to the capital of Hispaniola, Santa Domingo on 1503. Later he was given a piece of land to plant crops and build homes for his soilders he then joined the Spanish military to "help" gain control Spain and Quba and for his bravery in battle he was rewarded with a large piece of land and slaves. He was then told to go to the gulf of Mexico and explore the unknown land, now called, Mexico on 1519. He was also told to trade with the natives and was also told to bring most back as slaves. Instead of listening he instead just claimed the land for Spain and take over to make a empire all for himself. He still had the Aztec Empire, one of the most powerful, empires in the world. Hernando thought that they were a threat and wanted to "take care" of them. His plan was to get recruited so that he could kidnap the emperor so that the people would have to pay the ransom to get their king back but that failed when accidentally got struck by a large rock in the head which had sent him to death.

Hernando's New Life

He had later returned back home to Spain where King Charles V had appointed him to be governor, bot since he wasn't trusted alone he had to constantly be watched by 4 royal officials that were appointed to Cortes to keep a eye on him. When he became governor he was given lots of power so he was able to become rich. Later when Hernando came back he was told by the king to claim more land for Spain and so he was able to conquer more land for Spain and he was able to have the wealthiest land owned by Spain. He later returned back to New Spain on 1530 and focused mainly on building his own palace and on 1536 he explored the Pacific and Northwest coasts of Mexico and discovered Lower California or Baja. He later came back to Spain on 1541 to join a military expedition to the Barbary Coast but during a storm he had almost drowned. On 1547 he had planned to go back to New Spain to get to his palace but he was never able to make it because he died do to pleurisy.