information about Hitler and his rise to power

Imformation about Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born on 20 april 1889. He was born in the small australian town of braunau. Hitler was from a poor family. Hitler was very popular and smart but soon gave up on his school results because it was becominh tougher. When Hitler was 18 years old he moved to vienna with money left back from his father after dying in 1903. Soon after world war 2 Hitler comminted suicide
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The treaty of versailles

After the first world war had ended in 1918 Germany and Austria had lost the battle and France, Britain and the USA had won. The president of USA and the prime minister of Britain wanted to make Germany pay for what happened in WW1. They made the treaty of Versailles . Germany had to agree and sign the papers .
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How did hitler come to power

In the early 1930s the mood in germany was grim. most parts of the world were in an economic depression and millions of people did not have work. Because of this Hitler promised to fix the peoples problems through his gift of public speaking.