February 2016

Krueger Middle School Library

What's Happening?

We have been busy at the Krueger library! Classes have been visiting to check out one of North East ISD's fabulous resources: OverDrive! Students learned how to navigate the app, check out the amazing collection of digital books and audiobooks available to them, and how to download books to read later.

They also got to use the Nexus tablets that will soon be available for students to check out and take home!

The library is also going to start offering craft and gaming opportunities during all lunches on certain days of the week. We have games, Legos, and crafting activities planned! Be sure to listen to announcements to find out when these events will start!

Book Suggestions

Calling all Krueger students and staff: we need book suggestions! We are currently ordering new books for our library and we want your help!

Is there a book that you have been dying to read but Krueger doesn't have it? Is there a series that you think we would all enjoy? Are there any Non Fiction books that you think we need to have?

Please help us get the books you want into the library by filling out the Book Suggestions form - click the link below! Thanks and we hope to see your title on the shelf soon!

Book Suggestion Form: http://bit.ly/1OgiRMG