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Happy Friday!

Dear Parents,

We are all getting ready for COLLEGE WEEK next week! It is never too soon to start talking to our children about our hopes and dreams for them. And a big part of what we hope to instill in all of them is a love for learning. Extending their education beyond high school is an important way to do just that! As we celebrate College Week next week, we hope that you will help your child participate by joining in on the fun dress up days our counselor, Orli Mascorro, has planned for us.

Monday - Wear an ECS Spirit Shirt or Dr. Seuss Shirt

Tuesday - Dress as the Career you want to be

Wednesday - Wear Sunglasses

Thursday - Wear a College T-Shirt

Friday - Wear a Hat

Our first Parent Partnership and Performance Night will be on October 4th. This is a night where we provide a brief training for parents on how to increase academic language at home through your normal family routines. We end the presentation with a performance by different classes throughout the year. You can check out our upcoming events below to see when your child's class will be performing this school year. Your child's teacher will also provide information as the date of your child's performance gets closer.

Have a wonderful weekend!

For Kids,

Melissa Ellis


Early Childhood School

Upcoming Fall Events

*Events below will be marked either "All Students" or "5 Day Students Only".

Parent Partnership and Performance Night #1 - All are welcome to attend, but only the following classes perform: Aguilera, Gutierrez, Castaneda, Caceres, and Rubio

October 4th 5:30pm-6:30pm

Fireman Visits - 5 Day Students Only

October 13th-14th

Fall Pictures - All Students

October 18th

Fall Book Fair - All Students

October 24th-28th

ECS Family Fun Run - All Students and Families

October 25th 5:30pm-6:30pm

Gary Burns Community Fun Run

October 29th

Frisco Community Parade

November 12th

Fall Picture Retakes - All Students

November 15th

Parent Partnership & Performance Night #2 - All are welcome to attend, but only the following classes perform: Rainey, Falcon, Dintelman, Trammell, Evans, Youngblood, Donovan

November 15th 5:30pm-6:30pm

Multicultural Night - All Students and Families

December 6th 5:30pm-6:30pm

Diversity Parades - 5 Day Students Only

December 9th 9:15am & 1:15pm

Winter Parties - 5 Day Students Only

December 16th 9:40am & 1:40pm

2016-2017 ECS Calendar of Events

Here is our master calendar of events for the year!

ECS Parent/Student Handbook

Be sure to check out our handbook for lots of detailed information about the ins and outs of ECS while your child is here with us! Here is the link...

ECS 2016-2017 Attendance Zones

Here are our session times based off your elementary home campus...

ECS 2016-2017 Arrival/Dismissal Procedure Map

Thank you for following our arrival and dismissal procedures and traffic flow so we can ensure safety and efficiency for everyone!