Questioned Document

What is Questioned Documment?

Questioned Document is any signature, handwriting typewriting, or other mark whose source is in dispute or doubtful.

How is a Questioned Document Used?

Questioned document is used to provide evidence about a suspicious or questioned document. The evidence might include alternations, chain of possession, damage to the document, forgery, or anymore questions that comes up about the document.

Priniciple of Indiviuality

The principle of individuality it forms the basis of handwriting analysis. No two people have the same handwriting. Handwriting analysis has proved very useful.


1.Forgery is producing a copy of a document.

2.Alterations is the action of processed of altering or being altered.

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above there is a sample of handwriting. No two writers share the same combination of handwriting. The habits of handwriting are very difficult to lose later in life. You tend to hold your pen/pencil a certain way, shape your letters and space letter and words in a specific way and even dot your i's and cross your t's a certain way.