Dating Violence

by: Jordan Bober

Effect on Dating Violence

Dating Violence is a very bad thing because it does not just worry the two in the relationship but it worry's everyone else around the two and the family's of the couple. Every 9 seconds in the U.S. a women gets beaten by a male. Every minute 20 females get beaten in the U.S. 1 of 3 women get beaten in a lifetime so its not very rare to get beaten and that's just not right. Every day 20,000 calls are called in by dating violence. When families know their kid is in a bad relationship where there is dating violence they worry every single day and it messes with their head when their kid id not at home they feel that they could be getting hurt or near death. This is an issue for teenagers because it is becoming a bigger problem everyday and is becoming more dating violence in the world around. What people should do it talk to someone they can trust and tell them they don't want to be in relationship like that anymore and find some help to get away from that mean person. People can go to a place called Safe Center they treat you very nice feed you give you a place to stay to get your mind back on track and to figure out what you want. All people need to do is go get help together figure out how to get ride of the bad ways and get in the good without the beating and yelling and fighting and figure out a happy place together. for more info go to this website and read more about dating Violence. All i learned in class was dating is a very special thing if you do it right and healthy you are going to have a great life if there are wrongs and dating violence then you NEED to go get help and make things right and to treat others how you want to be treated.
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