Happy Trails Tarmac Co.

Use Tarmac and your roads wont crack!

What Is It?

Tarmac is the next big thing! It is the process of using compacted subgrade of crushed granite or green stone, combining with stone or gravel, then bound together with asphalt or hot tar. This substance is then poured onto the surface and rolled flat to make a road. This invention will make transportation smoother with better drainage and more durability.

Who invented It?

I am John Loudon McAdam and I invented Tarmac. I was born in Ayr, Scotland on September 21st, 1756. My first job was in 1770, working for my uncle as a merchant in NYC. I then moved back to Scotland and became a road trustee, working to improve road transportation.


Your roads may be accumulating giant puddles from rain, be very dirty and unsanitary, and may not be in the best shape. It is time to use Tarmac. It will make your road transportation more enjoyable, safer, and even faster. The roads will be able to drain efficiently by seeping through the gravel into the drains. The roads may even be less bumpy than a dirt road because it is rolled to a flat surface. Tarmac is a very durable substance and will last long.

How will it affect you?

Your road travel will not only be more enjoyable, faster, and safer, but it will provide improved transportation so people will get places easier and it will also increase communication with people outside of your home town. You will be able to get to your job and school riding on smooth and durable Tarmac and you will not regret using this process.
One costomer said: " I love the new Tarmac in my town! It made travel back and forth from work so much easier and it sure is nice how there are now not giant puddles on the road!