DartmouthX Update

November 14, 2014

This online newsletter is one of a series of bi-weekly updates to keep you informed about what's going on with the DartmouthX project. The newsletter is produced by the project management team - we hope you find it helpful! More information about DartmouthX is on the DartmouthX website and the Making-DartmouthX blog.

ENVSx Course Demographics

Registration for the Intro to Environmental Science course (ENVSx) has been open since mid-September and over 2,500 people are signed-up thus far. The edX platform allows us to look at course enrollment demographics and here's what we are seeing for the ENVSx course (click on charts to zoom in):

DartmouthX Courses, Teams and Activities

Introduction to Environmental Science (February, 2015)

Andy Friedland (Faculty)
Mike Goudzwaard (Instructional Designer)
Mike Murray (Media Production)
Barbara DeFelice (Subject Librarian)
Justin Richardson, Grad Student, Earth Science (Head TA)
Emily Lacroix, Undergraduate (TA)
Joby Bernstein, Undergraduate (TA)
Jacob Ebersole, Recent Dartmouth Graduate (TA)
Ellen Irwin, Recent Dartmouth Graduate (TA)
Chelsea Petrenko, Doctoral Student, Biology (TA)
Lucy Woolsey (TA)

  • Course registration is open; over 2,500 course registrations, to date.
  • Remaining course content development underway.

The Engineering of Structures Around Us (Spring, 2015)

Vicki May (Course Faculty)
Adrienne Gauthier (Instructional Designer)

Jared Benedict (Technical Developer)
Jay Beaudoin (Media Production)

Janifer Holt (Subject Librarian)

  • Course plan is complete; prototype week is selected.
  • Course trailer and edX "about page" are under development; edX course registration is tentatively scheduled to open in mid-December/early January.
  • Team is investigating use of graphical animations and simulation tools in the course.

The American Renaissance (Summer/Fall, 2015)

Don Pease (Course Faculty)
Jed Dobson (Course Faculty)
Ashley Kehoe (Instructional Designer)
Mike Murray (Media Production)
Laura Braunstein (Subject Librarian)
Alan Cattier (Alumni Advisor)

  • Course planning underway.
  • Prototype week has been selected; team is preparing to record video.

Introduction to Opera (Fall, 2015)

Steve Swayne (Course Faculty)
Adam Nemeroff (Instructional Designer)
Dan Maxell Crosby (Media Production)
Pat Fisken (Subject Librarian)

  • edX "design jam" held November 4.
  • Course planning underway.

Upcoming Events

Community of Practice Webinar Recordings

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