12 Characteristics of Handwriting

What does your signature consist of?

3 classes of handwriting charactersitics

  1. Letter form: shape of letters,curve of letters, angle or slant of letters.
  2. Line form: smoothness of letters, darkness of the lines on the upward compared to the downward stroke.
  3. Formatting: the spacing between letters, words and lines.

The 12 steps:

  1. Is the line quality smooth?
  2. Are words and margins evenly spaced?
  3. Is ratio of small letters to capital letters consistent?
  4. Is the writing continuous?
  5. Are letters connected between capitals and lowercase letters?
  6. Are letter formations complete
  7. Is all of the writing cursive?
  8. Is the pen pressure the same?
  9. Do all letters slant to the right?
  10. Are all letters written on the line?
  11. Are there fancy curls or loops?
  12. Are all “i”s dotted and “t”s crossed? (top, middle, or not)
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