The Menominee Tribe

The Wild Rice People

Past History

Wisconsin,Michigan.They had to face bears,moose,cranes,wolfs and eagles.

Present History

Wisconsin and upper Mighigan Peninsula.Most children aren't learning there native language. They had proplems keeping there land.


The foods that they ate are rice,fish,squash,beans,nuts,berries,syrup from tree,bison or carvasu.


TheWomen wore woven skirts and men wore breech cloths with leggings.


They build wigwams,long houses,tepees,grass houses,wattle houses,chickees.Made of wood,sticks,mud,bark,and extra cloth.


They used bow and arrows,spears,war clubs,tomahawks,axes,and,knives.


The games they played were the snow snake game and lacrosse.

Interesting Facts

1.thunder bird myth.

2.undergroud panther myth. plays a trick mythology.