Come Get Help With:

Cleaning Up Your MAC, GMAIl, and Google Drive

When Are The Sessions Offered?

December 8th- 11th @ 2:30pm in the Media Center

Monday: "Cleaning up Your Mac" and "GMAIL"

Tuesday: "Google Drive" and "GMAIL"

Wednesday: "Cleaning up Your Mac", "Gmail", and "Google Drive" (*After Staff Potluck)

Thursday: "Cleaning up Your Mac" and "Google Drive"

December 17th: During Planning Periods

Location: MHS Staff Development Room

1st Block:

7:30- "Cleaning up Your Mac"

8:00- "Google Drive"

8:30- "GMAIL"

2nd Block:

9:10- "Cleaning up Your Mac"

9:40- "Google Drive"

10:10- "GMAIL"

3rd Block:

10:45- "Cleaning up Your Mac"

11:30- "Google Drive"

12:00- "GMAIL"

4th Block:

12:45- "Cleaning up Your Mac"

1:15- "Google Drive"

1:45- "GMAIL"

Don't Have Time for PD After School or During Your Planning? Try Participating in a Google Hangout Instead!

What Sessions are Offered?

Thursday December 11th @ 7:00 pm: "GMAIL"

Thursday December 18th @ 7:00 pm: "Google Drive"