Mindset by Carol Dweck

HF Parent/Teacher Book Study - Part 3, Chapters 7-8

"Praising children's intelligence harms their motivation and it harms their performance."

p.175, Mindset, Carol Dweck

Dweck explains the importance of the right kind of praise in the chapter called, "Parents, Teachers, and Coaches: Where do Mindsets Come From?" Specifically, we should not be praising children for their intelligence or how smart they are. We should be praising them for their efforts, strategies, and what they have learned from previous errors.

"22 Powerful Alternatives to 'You're Smart!'" by Angela Stockman

I've shared this before, but it bears repeating. Print this article out and put it to practice whenever you can. I have used many of these phrases in my own classroom and with my own child, and they have definitely made a positive difference.

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