1C Times

February 1st, 2016

Language Arts

This week, we are continuing to work on sentence structure and the writing process. We will especially focus on capitalization, punctuation, spacing, and paragraphs. In reading, we will continue practicing our reading strategies. Our spelling this week will focus on on the "-ed" spelling pattern.


In math, we will be using the addition and subtraction strategies we have been learning to solve basic addition and subtraction problems. Some of these strategies include counting on, number lines, drawing pictures, standard form. We will explain our thought processes and begin applying them to word problems. I will email examples of strategies we have learned.

Science / Social Studies

This week, we will finish exploring and classifying the properties of matter. This unit includes comparing and identifying solids and liquids, changing states of matter, and sorting materials based on properties (texture, transparency, material, etc.).

Trailblazer of the Week!

Ella Shults is our Trailblazer of the Week this week! She works hard to grow and achieve her goals she sets in class. Ella also strives to help others. She always jumps at the chance to help friends, especially volunteering to take them to the nurse.

Important Dates

Wed., Feb. 3rd: Library

Thurs., Feb. 4th: Class Picture Day

Thurs., Feb. 4th: 100th Day of School (Celebrate Friday)

Fri., Feb. 5th: Celebrate 100th Day of School

Fri., Feb. 12th: Valentine's Party

Fri., Feb. 19th: Deadline to Order Yearbooks and Dedications


The yearbok is on sale now on revtrack. Advertising is hung up around the school and student made ads are running each Friday on Friday Live. The link for purchasing yearbooks is below. They are $30.


We are also selling dedications/ads through for the yearbook. These are especially popular in 5th grade. They are being sold directly from our yearbook company. The link to purchase a yearbook dedication is below. The pricing is 1/8 page for $30, 1/4 page for $50 and 1/2 page for $90.


The deadline to purchase yearbooks and dedications is Friday, February 19, 2016.