Nuclear Bomb Project

Never Forget

The world can never forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and their very mention would be associated to the outrageous first use of the atomic bomb against humans that left several hundred thousand people dead. The magnitude of destruction that this bombing left cannot be described only by the numbers. The consequences of atomic bombs can still be seen in the present generation of the two Japanese cities. The damage caused by our using of nuclear weapons is not limited to loss of life, but the damage caused to the environment is unprecedented.


Survivors Statements

“I felt a shock all over my body. The three of us were buried under the collapsing house. All the neighbouring houses were damaged. There was nothing left standing” Murakami, Keiko.

“On the morning of the bombing, 6-year-old Tanaka, her clothes clean and her hair brushed, was standing in the street with friends before heading to school. Moments after the bombers passed overhead, she was thrown to the ground by the force of the bomb, which exploded in midair over the city.
She awoke with her face and arms burned and her hair singed, and she wandered back to her half-destroyed home. When her mom came outside, she didn't even recognize her own daughter, whom she sent to school 15 minutes earlier” Keijiro Mashushima.

“I was twelve years old. School had been called off and at 8 am and I stood at ground zero waiting for the rest of her classmates to gather for the demolition project planned for the day.
At 8:15 am she heard a whistling sound, saw an intense flash, then everything became black. i I was blown away 15 meters, my hair singed, skin peeled, flesh exposed. Many were dead everywhere she looked. Those alive were drenched in blood, crying for help and hurting.” Ms. Akoa.

Effects on the People

The effect of a nuclear explosion on humans is extreme. Anyone within a 4 to 6 mile radius is certain to perish. The most damage to the people is caused by static pressure and the winds that can exceed 1000 mph from the bomb. The damage caused by radiation poisoning is the worst atomic bombing effect, as it may not always result in death but may leave the victim with a worse condition. Doctors who examined a few thousand survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, reported rampant cases of cancer, tumors and cysts. The effects are not only observed in the generation that faced the attacks, the next generation, most offspring of the survivors were born with abnormalities.
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Effects on the Environment

A US military report says that even a small-scale use of atomic weapons could devastate the world's ecosystems and climatic balance, and would cause a damage that would persist for more than half of the coming decade. The particles would prevent sunlight from making it to the earth's surface and the ozone layer depletion would be the worst of its kind. Vegetation found in the exposed areas will be affected and freshwater sources like rivers, lakes and ground water table would get polluted and inedible. There would also be a large-scale damage to the fauna.

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