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Hello everyone! Have you ever had someone who you looked up to and aspired to be like them? Well this flyer is here to spread wisdom about heroes. My dad is one of my heroes and i decided to use him as an example. I also used Steve jobs as a hero that isn’t in my personal life, but still look up to. In this flyer, you will see the definition of a hero, several various projects helping to understand what a hero is, and much more. So please, enjoy this flyer and learn a little bit about what it means to be a hero.

What Makes a Hero a Hero?

A hero isn't some bold figure riding on a horse; a hero isn't someone standing on top of a building yelling catchy slogans; a hero isn't someone who has a huge secret base where they keep their crime fighting gadgets. The person on the horse could just have done something really small and just happened to be on a horse; the person standing on top of the building is almost promoting himself as a hero; and the person in the secret base has everything all set out for them and doesn't have to lift a finger. A hero is someone “of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his [or her] brave deeds and noble qualities,” according to the Webster English Dictionary. A hero is someone who goes out of their way to help others and will potentially put their health at risk for others.

A hero Is someone who donates twenty dollars to a homeless man they see every day on their way to work. Would a hero keep every cent he earns for himself, even if others need it more? No, they wouldn't. Heroes are generous and will sacrifice a little of their money now and then to help those less fortunate. Even if they couldn't give any money, they could help in other ways. One way might be helping them find a job, or giving them some of their lunch. This shows that heroes can go out of their way to help others because if they didn't give any money, nobody would have said or thought anything different about them. You're not forced to be a hero. If you are in a situation where you could be a hero, you don't have to be a hero. Nobody will think differently of you. You don't always have to go too far out of your way. Even donating some spare change could be considered an act of heroism. The people you do something out of your way for will remember what you did the next time and be more kind to you.

A hero is someone who stands up for their friends when they are being picked on. Tim is best friends with Jess. Jess is a small but smart kid. Jess was never really too good in the athletics department though. One day, Tim sees Jess being bumped by a big strong jock named Derek during lunch and Jess' tray falls over. Derek laughs and calls Jess a rude name. Tim goes to tell the teacher and gets Derek into detention. Jess and Tim are now happy and become even better friends after that. This shows that a hero sometimes has to risk their own health to help another person. Derek could beat up Tim for telling on him, but Tim knew it was the right thing to do so he did it. Even if you get hurt being a hero, people will respect you and stand up for you next time you're in a bad situation.

Heroes aren't the type of person who would see someone drop a twenty dollar bill and keep it for themselves. That is the exact opposite of a hero, a villain, or a crook. Heroes have many other defining qualities such as selflessness, bravery, intelligence, risking something for the greater good, and countless others. To be a hero is a big responsibility, but in the end, it pays off in some way or another. You may not have a big secret hideout, but you will a lot of people who respect you.

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My dad And personal hero ^

My Dad is a Patent Litigator and has Helped Analyze Stocks

A patent litigator is a type of lawyer who makes sure patents don't conflict and helps get them notarized. They specifically do this by fiercely attacking every point in the claim to see how they can prove it is original and doesn't conflict with anything else. Later on in his career he helped analyze stocks. This is to predict rises and falls in stock markets so as to decide whether or not to buy or sell stocks.

A Haiku for my Personal Hero

Many titles like

Sir, Lawyer, Mister Gill

But above all, dad.

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