Caracas, Venezuela

Come visit the outstanding city of Caracas, Venezuela

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Time to eat!

There are all kinds of food in Venezuela. For breakfast Venezuelan’s feast on: eggs, bread, fruit and coffee. For lunch in Venezuela you would have soup, salad, meat, fruit and veggies, and a drink. Dinner consists of soup, salad, and eggs. Many Venezuelan’s love to have a meal with some traditional corn cakes. Come try all these fantastic foods!

These foods above are all traditional arepas made of flatbread, ground corn, and meat!

Venezuelan Language!

The official language in Venezuela is Spanish. The reason why is because the conquistadors that live there thousands of years ago spoke Spanish. Did you know there are up to 40 different languages? The main foreign languages in Venezuela are, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, and English. Come visit Venezuela and learn all these Languages!


There are all kinds of weather in Venezuela. There are three main regions, the hot region, the templet region, and the cold region. The average temperature in the hot spot region is 75 degrease to 95 degrease. The normal temperature in the templet area is 50 degrease to 80 degrease. Lastly the normal temperature in the cold region is 65 degrease .Venezuela has one dry season ( November/December to April/May) and one wet season (the rest of the year). The dry season is better for traveling.
The weather is perfect for everybody in Venezuela!
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Creative Culture!

You will find a lot of culture in Venezuela. The catholic church is a very cultural place that Venezuelan's love. Venezuelan's have a large history of music pottery and painting.they play sports like baseball, basketball, and football (soccer). There is a lot of culture in Venezuela!


Here are some fun activities to do in Venezuela. people love to visit the amazing capital of Venezuela which is Caracas. A really popular activity for tourists is attending a fiesta! Another popular thing like a fiesta is a festival, it starts with a big parade with floats and people in costumes. Come and join in on these fun activities!
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Beautiful Landmarks!

There are some really pretty landmarks in Venezuela. There is a beautiful waterfall called Angel Falls. In Caracas there is a national pantheon dedicated to Simon Bloivar, it was once a Church but now it is a resting place for national heros. Caracas holds the biggest mosque in South America. Come see these spectacular landmarks!

Map of Venezuela!

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