Shout Outs!!!

You are all awesome!!!

Tracey and Peg PHS

The PHS library is looking good! Peg and Tracey have a whole row of shelves weeded and empty!!! And they have a whole collection with sticky notes to give to teachers! You have been working hard Tracey and Peg, and I so appreciate it!!!

Donna Whipple

Did you know that Donna was chosen as Stark County Person of Character for Whipple? You are so deserving, Donna! Love that you were recognized!!!

Cathy Pfeiffer Intermediate

Cathy hosted James Phelan who wrote the LAST THIRTEEN series, and she even got to go to dinner with him!!! Great job Cathy getting your kids excited about books and reading!

Beth Lohr

The Lohr library has been transformed! Doesn't even look like the same library. All the shelves have been weeded and have space on them! It looks amazing! And the new OWL reading carpet makes the reading area look fun and inviting!! You are off to a good start, Beth!

Patty TCKnapp

The tent in the middle of the library looked awesome! What kid wouldn't want to come to the library and sit in a tent for a campout and hear a story!!! Love it, Patty!!!

Jan Watson

Jan's bottom shelves are completely empty. It looks fabulous! Great job weeding! And l love that you are graciously working with your principal's ideas for the Book Fair! I love your positive attitude, Jan!

Melody Genoa

The shelves are looking good! And I loved hearing about the student workers. You make a huge impact on those kids, Melody.