The Fault in Our Stars

By John Green

The main characters, Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, both have a diagnosis of cancer. Hazel and Augustus meet at a cancer support group. Later in the book, they go on a trip to Amsterdam to try and discover the ending of their favorite and unfinished book, they also discover their love for each other.
I like the book because it includes romance, excitement, fun, adventure, and it is very interesting.
My favorite part of the book is when Hazel and Augustus go out to dinner in Amsterdam because it is full of romance.
I would not change anything in the book because it was perfect in every way possible.
My recommendation is that every teen girl should read it!

I like the characters because they have their own personality.

The Fault In Our Starts uses formal and colloiqual (everyday) language.

It is an easy reader.

An example of onomatopoeia:

Behind us, I herd the plank plank of high heals running. (195)

An example of a simile:

Lidewij drove a clunky gray fiat with an engine that sounded like an excited four year old girl. (196)

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