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Week of 10.11.15


Staff Edition

Mission Statement

Northwood Elementary School will provide higher-level learning opportunities for all students to maximize their potential in a safe, nurturing, respectful, and diverse environment.
Assessment Calendar/Assessment Notes Folder

Please follow the calendar and carefully note due dates. Kindergarten and 1st Grade AIMSweb were to be completed by 9/31/15.

Haven/Erin's Law

A separate link was sent out with information that will be going home on Monday. Your training will be at the 11/3 PD. I also have a link on the Google Calendar 12/15 (the tentative date of our student presentations by Haven)

PT Conference Sign Up

Please make sure parents are aware of the sign up process you are using this year. Our goal is 100% participation (each student represented). Thanks for reminding parents by email or calls.

Terms in Danielson Rubric Versus Michigan Terms

Below is the comparison of terms in the Danielson Rubric/Michigan Terms:

Distinguished/Highly Effective


Basic/Minimally Effective


As you complete your assessments please start making decisions about the SLO you will use for student growth. We will discuss these again as assessments are completed. Questions now, please ask.

3rd, 4th and 5th Grade

There has been graffitti in permanent marker in the boys' bathroom upstairs. In addition there has been feces in both restrooms on the floor and some on the stall. I have spoken to the students and have asked parents to speak to students about respecting school property. Please discuss with your class. In addition, please closely monitor. If someone notes an issue send an email to Donna immediately with any details and she will let custodial know.

Fun Run Success

Thank you for your help in making the Fun Run a success. It was great to see the staff running and dancing on Friday. Donations will be accepted through 10.13.15. The goal was $18,000 and we are at $26,300. WOW! The raffle will be held Friday Morning. Thank you for making it so much fun!
Website Building Calendar

Do you know what is happening? Please check the building and Gmail calendar often. Let me know if you do not have access. Enter field trips and class events on the Gmail calendar.

Dates to Remember

Now that we have eased into a new school year I will be moving to notes every two weeks. I hope to see you at some of the upcoming events.

10/12-10/16 Vision Screening Grades 1,3,5 (Oakland County Screener will pull students)

10/12 Ad Council AM

10/12 BFC 3:40-4:40 PM

10/12 Principal Chat in Cafe @ 6:30 PM

10/12 PTA @ 7 PM

10/13 PTA Battle of the Books in Cafe 6:30 PM

10/14 PTA Walk to School Day

10/14 Professional Learning Morning; Late Start for Students (Agenda to follow)

10/14 Angela @ BO for 10 am Meeting with SLL

10/15 Coffee and Conversation with the Superintendent in Staff Lounge @ 7:45 AM

10/15 PTA Teacher Preview Day (Not open for shopping)

10/15 PTA Book Fair 3-6 PM Media Center

10/15 Power 504 Webinar @ BO 1-3:30 PM

10/15 Mentor Meeting Sebastian's Room @ 3:40 PM

10/16 Fun Run Raffle at 8:30 am

10/16 Noon Walkers @ Lunch Recess

10/16 PTA Book Fair 3-6 PM in Media Center

10/19 El Council AM Angela

10/19 PTA Book Fair 3-6 PM in Media Center

10/20 PTA Book Fair 3-6 PM in Media Center

10/21 Professional Learning Morning; Late Start for Students (Agenda to follow)

10/21 Principal Lunch with Fun Run Winners


10/23 PTA Trunk or Treat 6:30-8 PM in North Parking Lot (Cafe if Rain) - entry is one bag of candy per child

10/23 PTA Movie Night 8-10 PM on South Playground (Cafe if Rain)

**Book Fair schedule for classes was sent out by the PTA chair.

*Be sure to send me a copy of your newsletters.


Check for PTA event information and volunteer opportunities.




Professional Learning 10/14

Our 90 minute PD will focus on PBIS Sharing/Feedback and Grade Level Meetings to work on writing rubrics and math rubrics. Specials teachers will meet with the group and then work on report cards as they relate to Specials teachers.

Special Education Staff will have Department PLC meetings.

Agendas to follow.

PBIS Matrix/Bully Lessons

Please focus on Stop, Walk and Talk and the Bullying Lessons during the month of October. A paper copy is available for staff and will be near the mailboxes for reference. If you are new to Northwood a copy was placed in your mailbox. Thank you.

Homework Club Sign Up October

Please sign up for one block of time in CALENDLY (click bar above) if you would like someone to help work with students. Feedback appreciated. THERE ARE STILL TIME SLOTS AVAILABLE! Open to anyone.

Schedules Folder

You can access schedules in this folder.

School Information and Student Handbook

Please make sure you keep this as a reference.