Mrs. McEachern's Message

April 14, 2014

What's Happening in First Grade?

Reading - The students will read the story Way out west lives a coyote named Frank. The student will work on the following skills this week:

  • reading to make sure text makes sense - Does it look and sound right?
  • alliteration
  • long vowel review

Writing - April is national poetry month. The students will be reading and writing various types of poems during the mont of April.

Spelling - No new list. Review week!

Science - Matter

Students will identify and explore the properties of matter (solid, liquid, and gas)

Math - Unit 8 - The following math skills will be taught this week:

  • Making change: Strategies for making change.
  • Equal Shares- Dividing objects into equal parts.

Upcoming Events

  • April 14th, 15th, 16th - Before/After school portfolio conferences
  • April 17th - Student Early dismissal - (11:45)
  • April 17th - Portfolio Conferences (12:40 - 8:00)
  • April 30th - Field Trip to Graeme Park ( different than upcoming events paper that came home!)


Monday - Library - Return library books

Tuesday- Gym - Wear Sneakers

Wednesday - Art

Thursday -Music

Friday - Computers


*If weather permits the students will be going outside for recess. Please dress your child appropriately for outside play!


Just a reminder to log any book your child reads on their pink Reading log paper. Please return as they complete each sheet. When they have completed their 100 books return the log to school. Your child will be recognized for reading 100 books with their pictured displayed on the First Grade Reading Challenge bulletin board.

Mystery Reader

Now that our "Star of the Week" for each student has been completed, I would like to start a new activity in our classroom. Each week we will have the opportunity to have a "mystery reader" come read to our class. The mystery reader will be a surprise to the students until the person comes to the classrrom. They will give me 3 clues about themselves prior to the day they are to read and I will give the class the clues throughout the day leading up to their arrival. The mystery person brings a book to read and can even come in character or bring props to help enhance the story! If you or another family member (grandparent, aunt, uncle, or sibling) are interested and would like to be a "mystery reader" in our class please see the available dates on the sign up genius link below.

Electronic Day

The students have earned all their stars for our class goal of working cooperatively togehter. The class has voted and as their reward would like to have an electronic day. I am going to allow them to have this reward and it will be on Thursday, April 17th. The students will be responsible for their electronic device for the day and it MUST stay in their backpack until the designated time. They do not have access to internet connection so they must have any games they would like to play downloaded onto their device. Also, all electronics must come fully charged as we do not have enough outlets to charge devices. I do have 3 classroom computers that can be used if your child does not have an electronic device or if you are not comfortable sending it in with your child.

I am proud of how they are contiuing to work together and encouraging each other to follow classroom rules. Be sure to congratulate your child for their continued effort in the classroom and cooperating with their peers. Way to go, Room 3!

Kids in Action