Leicester City

The Cinderella Story: By Sean Dutton

Last Year

Leicester City never were a great team. Their squad costs less than a Man City defender. Why is this team so good? Let's start at last year. Last Year they were at the bottom of the Barclays Premier League table, or The English League. There was no chance of them saying up, yet they did it. When they came back against West Brom it was going to be interesting. They started winning games, and they were not done. The fans were into it and the momentum was helping them win. They were able to get well out of the bottom three by six points and stayed in the premier league. They made a comeback that no one expected and they continued the story. The truth was that they played hard. The team was good, and they did not deserve to lose and be in last 90% of the year. The great escape was more of a deserving stay. So what followed should not have been surprisng.

This Year

The Momentum kept on rolling. The fans were into the Leicester team, and they believed in doing better. The stadium was rocking when leicester won against Sunderland 4-2. It was just the start of their season. Claudio Ranieri was the new coach for Leicester, and he had to make a team win that had a 5000 to 1 chance of winning the Premier League. Leicester came to the top of the premiership instead of being in last. The first couple of games they won were comebacks. The foxes never quit. Until, December when they did not score for three games in a row. Luckily, it did not affect their rank and they pushed hard after and stayed up in first. With eight games left they are five points ahead of second place Spurs. They can almost touch the trophy. Leicester have the spirit to win, and that is important in the Premier League. It may not last forever, so the fans take this season as the greatest moment of their lives, which it probably is.