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Name: Strontium

Symbol: Sr

Origin of Name: After Strotian (Scottish Town)

Discoverer: A. Crawford

Sources of Element: Celestite, Strontianite

Uses: Flares, Fireworks, Crimson color, Prodcing glass for TV sets, magnets, and refining zinc.

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Atomic Structure

Shells: As shown below, Strontium has 2 electrons in 1st shell, 8 in 2nd shell, 18 in 3rd shell, 8 in 4th, and 2 in the 5th shell

Electron Configuration: Kr 5s2

Max oxidation states: 2

Minimum oxidation states: 0

Max common oxidation states: 2

Minimum oxidation states: 0


Structure: Simple looking structure usually in a square

Color: Sliverish color

Stronium is a soft malleable ductile metallic element good for color tv tubes and fireworks.


At room temperature: Solid

Heat of Fusion: 9.20 kj/mol

Heat of vaporization: 144 kj/mol

Density: 2.64g/m

Atomic Volume: 33.7 cm3/mol

Atomic Radius: 215 pm

Electronegativity: 0.95

Melting point: 1042 k

Boiling point: 1657 K

Specific heat: 20°C J/g/mol

1st ionization energy: 549.5 Kj/ mol

2nd ionization energy: 1064.2 kj/mol

3rd ionization energy: 4138 kj/mol

Electron Affinity: 5.03 kj mol^-1


Air/ Oxygen: If ignited, strontium metal burns in air to give a mixture of white strontium oxide, SrO, and strontium nitride, Sr3N2

6 M HCL- Turns into H2, SrCl2

15M HNO3- H2 Sr(NO3)2

6 M NaOH- No reaction

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