The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race Project

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a hot and humid place with 310 sunny days a year. Included with mountains reaching 10,000 feet.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is a subtropical place with 260 islands. Some tradition include carving and creating origami. Hong Kong is a very religious place, they worship Buddah.

Challenge: Carve a dragon's head using a knife and a block of wood, you have 1 minute to study a picture.

Townsville, Australia

In Townsville there is 300 days of sunshine. Average temperature is 31 degrees Celsius. Their country animal is kangaroo. Landforms include The Great Dividing Range, the Ross River, and Mount Cataract.

Challenge: Climb Mount Cataract with ADHD dogs.

Rome, Italy

Rome is cool with the average temperature at 15.7 degrees Celsius. The Tiber River is one of the landforms. Animals that were brought in to be used to fight were boars, lions, and crocodiles. A holiday would be Eternal City.

Challenge: Pick up 5 pounds of trash from the Tiber River. For every pound picked, you have to eat a pizza slice.

Cape Town, South Africa

Wet with cool winters. Some land forms are the Orange River and Drakensberg mountain range. Traditions would be musical choirs and street shows.

Challenge: Put on a show with a dancing dog.

Recife, Brazil

Temperatures are always high in Recife. There is the Iguacu Falls and the Amazon Rain Forest. A holiday would be all souls day.

Challenge: Catch a soccer ball going 60 miles an hour kicked by a professional soccer player.