Third Grade Newsletter

Keep Going, Keep Growing! September Issue

Happening This Month

Month of September

6th-9th: First week of instruction

12th: PALs Testing begins

13th: PTA Meeting

14th: Blue Sky visit ( Location: Chimborazo Classrooms)

15th: Hang Out On the Hill (Location: Chimborazo Playground-basketball court)

21th: Beginning of Year Reading Growth Assessment

22nd: Back To School Night (Chimborazo School)

28th:Beginning of Year Math Growth Assessment

What Are We Learning About?

English Language Arts

Current Unit: Overcoming Learning Challenges Near and Far (3.5)

Students are participating in a book study in which we compare "Waiting for The Biblioburro", "Rain School", and "Nasreen's Secret School". We are learning about common themes and story elements in fiction, and expanding vocabulary.


Current Unit: Multiplication and Division (3.4)

The students will learn the foundations of multiplication and division through models, arrays, number lines, and repeated addition/subtraction sentences.

Science and Social Studies are taught on a 2 week rotation.


Current Unit: Simple Machines (3.2)

The students will learn how the six simple machines make work easier. The six simple machines are wedge, lever, wheel and axle, inclined plane, screw, and pulley. There will be a Project Based Assessment at the end of this unit.

Social Studies

Ancient Egypt (3.1, 3.2, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7)

The students will learn about the contributions, government, daily life, and location of Ancient Egypt. There will be a Project Based Assessment at the end of this unit.

School-Wide and Community Events

Thursday September 15th HangOut On The Hill Party

w/ Bellevue Elementary @ Chimborazo Park featuring RVA Street Soccer, Mozart Festival, Milk & Cookies and more!

Back to School Night Thursday September 22nd

More information will be sent home via flyer.

East End Festival Saturday September 24th beginning at 12:00 pm

The first RVA East End Festival was held in 2016, bringing the Richmond
community together for an annual celebration of music and the arts. The
event was halted in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. Since 2016, the
Festival has raised over $400,000 to support music, visual art and
performing arts programs at Richmond Public Schools in the East End
community of Richmond. The Festival features musical performances by
East End students and also by local professional talent including members
of the Richmond Symphony. For more information, visit the Festival’s
Facebook page at