We All Need It!

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Basic Information

Symbol: O

Group: 16

Period: 2

Atomic Number: 8

Atomic Weight: 15.9994

Classification: Non-Metal


Oxygen is a colorless, odorless gas.


  • Discovered by Joseph Priestly, but also was reported independently by Carl Wilhelm Scheele
  • Comes from Greek words "oxy genes"
  • Air used to be considered as one element, but Leonardo da Vinci suggested it was atleast two, and one was flammable while the other supported life.
  • Behavior of nitrogen and oxygen as parts of air led to the Phlogiston Theory of Combustion


  • Found in water (H2O) and is necessary for life
  • Makes up most of the weight of water
  • Most organisms use oxygen for respiration
  • About two thirds of the human body is oxygen
  • Widely used for medical purposes


Oxygen is in water and is used for breathing, both essential to all life.


  • Makes up 21% of the atmosphere
  • Third most abundant element on the sun
  • In the atmosphere, protects us from harmful UV rays of the sun
  • Involved in the carbon-nitrogen cycle, responsible for stellar energy
  • Most abundant element in the Earth’s crust

Physical Properties

  • Boiling point: -182.9 degrees Celsius
  • Melting point: -218.3 degrees Celsius

Orbital Properties

  • 8 electrons
  • Shell structure is 2.6

Interesting Facts

  • Oxygen as ozone (O3) is highly toxic
  • It causes the bright red and yellow green colors of the aurora
  • Liquid and solid forms of oxygen are pale blue
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